Friday, February 17, 2006

The Bali Nine

This week the Bali nine have received their sentences for attempting to smuggle heroin from Bali to Australia. Two received the death sentence. [Read the SMH report here.] The other seven were sentenced to life in prison. [SMH report here.]

Even Renae who rolled over and cooperated with the police has received the same sentence. [SMH report here.]

It's a dire consequence for these young folk... their lives changed forever. I've often wondered what they thought when they agreed to be drug mules. Did they think they wouldn't get caught? Did they think they were in some way, invincible? And invisible? I don't know. But now the consequences are smack in their faces... and cannot be avoided no matter how much they might wish it all away as a bad dream.

How will they respond to incarceration? Will they become bitter and angry, as if it's all someone else's fault? Will they become depressed and slip down into some emotional sink hole? Or will they look for healthy ways to deal with their situation and gain all the good that could come out of this disaster in their lives? My prayer for them is that they will choose the latter.

AND... I do hope young Australians will think twice about travelling with drugs whether on their person or in their luggage. Besides being wrong, it is also stupid. The consequences in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and elsewhere are just not worth the risk.

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