Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hitler's Toon Troubles

Tim Blair has a really interesting piece entitled: "Toons Cause Frenzy, Uproar" in which he quotes from a 2002 speech by Peter Costello, the Australian treasurer. He describes the trouble cartoonist David Low got into in England during the 1930's because of his cartoons about Hitler. Hitler didn't like it once little bit... no, siree, he didn't.

It's funny how reminiscent it is of the kerfuffle that's been blasting around the Muslim world these last several weeks... and of the pathetic responses that have come from various governments and publishers...

It seems to me that a new line keeps being drawn in the sand after stepping back another foot or two or more. Will we ever stop and stand our ground and say "no more"?

Funny how we still ended up in a world war back then despite the apologies and appeasements...
Thanks for the post Tim... a good one indeed

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