Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Different Strokes for Different Folks... in Afghanistan

There are lot of articles appearing in newspapers around the world about the strife that Abdul Rahman is in for having converted from Islam to become a Christian over 16 years ago. Now he faces the death penalty because of his conversion and refusal to recant.

This makes a thorough going farce of the "new" democratic constitution that is now in Afghanistan! The consitution appleas to everyone except the Muslims! Whatever rights and privileges may be in place because of the constitution are subservient to another constitution which is the sharia law. This is a ridiculous state of affairs!

The other thing that is ridiculous is the fact that Abdul has been a Christian for so long... why now? Why at all?

It does seem that with the rise of this world wide radical-ness on the part some Muslims that some other extremists taking advantage of the turmoil to attempt to apply the "super-ordinate" sharia law wherever possible, in this case in Afghanistan.

I pray they will not succeed. I pray that a person's freedom (and right) to choose will be recognised and allowed.

One thing that does distress me is that I haven't yet seen anything in the Australian press...

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