Saturday, March 25, 2006

Measles cases spark alert

When I was a kid everyone got the measles. I was the eldest child in the family and when I first went to school I caught all the usual childhood diseases -- measles, mumps, chicken pox, etc... I was most unpopular with my mother, as if I could help catching the diseases and bringing them home to my siblings!

I guess there were dire consequences for some of the kids from having these diseases though I don't remember knowing about any.

Then along came vaccinations, and measles along with other of the childhood ailments became a thing of the past. Time passed and people forgot about the consequences, seriousness, and inconvenience of these childhood diseases... and, perhaps they forgot about how contagious they were. Perhaps, because it didn't seems like there was a need to vaccinate since these diseases were a thing of the past, then maybe some parents did not feel it was so important any more and their kids never got vaccinated. Who knows?? Now there is the worry of an outbreak.

Today's Sydney Morning Herald reports the alert:
Measles cases spark alert
Where have the germs been hiding all these years anyway?

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