Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Pray for Burma, March 12

Burma has become one of the poorest nations on earth. As it slides deeper into poverty the few in power continue to become richer and richer as they rape the country and line their own pockets without a care for the suffering of others. Hardly anyone in the world raises a peep. Sadly, fear, suspicion, and racial hatreds are fostered to keep the minority groups fighting one another rather than standing up against the common enemy. Actually, bloodshed is not the answer. Bloodshed and the destruction of villages and the murder of innocent villagers has not brought resolution to anything. They need help and hope from another quarter.

On Sunday March 12, there is the "Global Day of Prayer for Burma". I want to encourage everyone to participate. This country has been oppressed for too long. The govt pays no attention to world opinion. A divine intervention is needed to set the land and its people free.

There is a very helpful website, Christians Concerned for Burma, where you can find info for the day of prayer as well as facts about what goes on inside this country.

See also "Genocide in Burma" on this blog.

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