Sunday, March 26, 2006

Prosecution of convert 'un-Islamic'

The Aussie Muslim leaders are declaring that this prosecution of Abdul Rahman is a crime against humanity. Today's SMH carries the story.

AUSTRALIAN Muslim leaders yesterday condemned moves in Afghanistan to execute a man who converted to Christianity.

The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils said the prosecution of Abdul Rahman in Afghanistan was "barbaric" and "un-Islamic".

Spokesman Haset Sali called on the Australian Government to see if the Afghan prosecutors could be charged with crimes against humanity unless the religious charges against Mr Rahman were dismissed.

"Such barbaric action by anyone seeking to quote Islam as supporting their criminal action needs to be dealt with as a crime against humanity," Mr Sali said.

He said the Koran stated there must be "no compulsion in religion".

"The prosecution of Mr Rahman, seeking the death penalty against him for converting to Christianity is reminiscent of the fascist era that caused the Second World War and the pointless death of 55 million people."

Mr Sali said Afghans should respect the sanctity of life.

Prosecution of convert 'un-Islamic' -

So, who speaks for Islam? On the one hand we the Koran "respecting the sanctity of life" and there being "no compulsion in religion" and on the other hand the same Koran being used to justify death on religious grounds. You can't have it both ways, surely?

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