Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Heartwarming story...

It always warms my heart when I read stories of people's generosity to the plight of others. With so much hatred and virulent anger raging around in the world today, this story gives us another view of kindness and hope. May little Maria survive the journey and operation and grow strong and healthy. God bless the family and those who have made this all possible.

Operation open heart - Maria flies in - World - smh.com.au
[...] The Herald revealed last week that the baby would die in East Timor because doctors did not have the equipment or expertise to perform the operation that is routine in many Australian hospitals. Maria's story prompted a flood of offers to help save her, including from doctors at Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick, who wanted to perform the operation.

Dr Murphy, 61, described the flood of offers to help Maria as amazing. He said he hoped publicity about her plight would help raise awareness about other Timorese in need of urgent medical treatment not available in East Timor, a country which remains one of the world's poorest four years after gaining its independence.

Dr Murphy, who has worked in East Timor for eight years, is regarding by Dili's poor as a saint. With three volunteer doctors from Britain, Dr Murphy treats up to 500 patients a day, who start queuing outside the clinic before dawn.

"I have a book with a list of 100 patients, most of them children, who need medical treatment that is not available in East Timor," he said. "I'm being greedy, I know … but I hope they can be helped as well."

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