Monday, April 10, 2006

Nasty news from Burma

The news from Burma is not good! Burmese army 'behead civilians, torch villages'. The Burmese military are up to their old tricks trying desperately to bring the ethnic minorities of Burma into subjugation. No wonder they rebel! The word of the many atrocities that trickles out onto the world scene and making it into the news are probably vastly understated.

There is so much suffering in this country... it is time it stopped! When will it ever stop? Who will stop it?

Sydney Morning Herald: Burmese army 'behead civilians, torch villages'

Burmese troops, trying to stamp out a decades-long rebellion by the Karen minority, have beheaded civilians and torched villages in an offensive which has forced 1000 refugees to flee into Thailand and thousands of others to hide in the jungles, a report from inside Burma said on Sunday.

The attacks, which began in mid-November in Western Karen State, follow a long-time strategy of the army in Burma to separate the guerrillas from a possibly sympathetic population.

But human rights groups say numerous atrocities have been committed against innocent civilians.

"The Burma army is burning homes, rice barns and laying land mines to stop villagers from returning to their homes and fields," said a report from the Free Burma Rangers, a group of Westerners and ethnic minority volunteers who provide aid to displaced people.


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