Thursday, July 06, 2006

Burma and North Korea, nuclear bedfellows??

This is one alliance I hope never eventuates. It beggars belief that the irresponsible leaders of Burma and North Korea would join hands in pushing forward nuclear weapons development and purchase of same.

Burma has shown no regards for its people, and most particularly for the various ethnic minorities who have as much right to be in Burma as the Burmans. For years the military has been practising genocide against the little people using merciless cruelty in their treatment of all -- men, women and children.

The North Korean leaders are of the same ilk, allowing the ordinary people to starve while the privileged few live a life of luxury and decadence.

I pray they are unable to agree and that it all comes to naught!

Burma seeks nuclear weapons alliance with N Korea (The Australian)
BURMA'S military junta has attempted to buy nuclear weapons technology from North Korea's rogue regime in an alliance that presents a frightening new threat to regional security.

The US issued a heavy-handed warning to Burmese military dictator Than Shwe to cease and desist all such activities after discovering Rangoon's bid late last year.

The prospect of the two pariah states of Asia joining together has alarmed Western intelligence agencies, with the US privately circulating a draft resolution condemning Burma's actions for the UN Security Council.

The terms of the resolution would say that Burma constituted a "threat to peace and security".

This would be a Chapter Six resolution, which does not imply that the Security Council would authorise the use of force against Burma or move directly to sanctions. But it would be the first time Burma has been formally censured by the Security Council. It is understood that no nuclear material has been transferred.

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