Saturday, July 01, 2006

How horrible!

If this turms out to be true it is despicable, utterly dispicable. What will they think of next? The so-called Burma government continues its repressive activities... adding more and more to its already long list of human rights abuses.

Democratic Voice of Burma: The State will not feed prisoners anymore - Burmese prison staff
From the end of this year, Burma's military government, the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) will stop providing food to prisoners at jails and police-controlled labour camps (gulags), an official at Rangoon Insein Jail who doesn't want to be named told DVB. According to the official, the State will provide only salaries and subsidised rice to prison staff, and prison officials concerned must find their own ways of feeding prisoners, said the Interior Ministry in a directive sent to prison officials last month. The ministry instructed officials to force prisoners to utilise and work on wild and uncultivated lands allocated by the State, and use the proceeds to feed prisoners. Officials were also instructed to dissolve the 'upper and lower' Burma prison formation and form new prison groups according to the states and divisions. The new orders are to be carried out by prison directors-in-chief, and prison officials are said to be complaining about their luck. The official added it would impossible to feed all prisoners at Insein Jail as there are thousands of them - unless they oppress and bully the prisoners by using all available crooked means.

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