Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A young mother dies in police custody

It's hard to imagine that the police would do this to a young mother.... but it seems to be the case. Now they're trying to cover it up by saying she hung herself. That's so far fetched! A mother of an 8 month old child is not likely to kill herself! She had plenty to live for. Her life was taken from her by the brutality of the police.

I doubt they will be brought to justice but it would be nice if the truth came out.

Democratic Voice of Burma: Another police death in Burma – a young mother dies
A young mother from Myo Hla, Yedashay Township, Pegu (Bago) Division in lower central Burma, was tortured to death by local police on 19 June.

23-year-old Nyo Kyi from Shwe Myaing Ward was arrested on suspicion by deputy-commander Zaw Lwin and another police officer while she was on her way home from a shopping trip on 18 June, without informing her family.

But as her husband Soe Thu suspected that his wife was arrested and detained, he went to the police station but he was not allowed to see her, according to a family member.

First, the police also detained their 8-months old baby with Nyo Kyi and on the following morning the baby was released and returned home but she was still not allowed to see anyone. In the evening, when the baby was taken to the police station for feeing, a police officer on duty told Nyo Kyi family that she had died and told them to go to the hospital.

The police didn’t tell Nyo Kyi’s family of her death but secretly transferred her body to the hospital on a truck. When the doctors checked her body they found wounds of violent beatings on her head and back, according to a family member.

The police are currently trying to cover up the truth and silence the case by claiming that Nyo Kyi committed suicide by hanging.

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