Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More landgrabbing in Burma

The ordinary people in Burma continue to suffer to whims of those in charge. Paddy fields belong to someone, they're not just land laying around waiting to be grabbed by military or civil servants.

The usual role of the military and civil servants is to protect the citizens of the country, not to take advantage of them.

It's time for this sort of behaviour to stop and care about the country and all its people!

Land grabbing for Burma new capital (Democratic Voice of Burma)
A Burmese civil servant admitted that the ruling military government’s plan to make the new administrative capital Kyappyay Naypyidaw populated by allocating 8000 plots of land for new buildings, involved confiscation of lands from local farmers living between Pyinmna and Lewe.
“Yes. There is a plan to allocate plots of land measuring 80x80, 100x100, 120x120 (feet?). The price has not been fixed. They haven’t said it yet,” the civil servant from the capital’s municipal department said. “There are 4000 plots on the way to Lewe and 4000 plots to be created at the areas adjoining the army and civilian lands. Application forms are not sold, but you could apply for them at Naypyidaw Municipal (office).”
When asked who originally owned the lands, the civil servant said: “There are various kinds in this matter. They are paddy fields of the villages. Some of them are paddy fields. I don’t know about that”.
But when asked how many acres of paddy fields had been confiscated, the civil servant refused to answer the question.
According to a local resident in nearby Pyinmana, the majority of the people are neither interested in the government’s project nor applying for the plots.

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