Saturday, September 02, 2006

Parts of ancient wall in Chiang Mai collapse

After a long silence, I'm getting back to blogging... I've been away from Chiang Mai for a couple of months and have just returned. The wet season is well under way and lots of rain has fallen here in the north of Thailand.

The result? Chiang Mai is falling apart! The rain seems to be seeping down into the cracks of some of the ancient structures of the old city causing them to fall apart. Chang Puek gate (white elephant gate) is the latest victim.

Parts of ancient wall in Chiang Mai collapse (Bangkok Post)
Parts of the 700-year-old wall in downtown Chiang Mai collapsed yesterday after heavy downpours. The ancient Chang Phuak Gate, or Gate of the White Elephant, partially collapsed. It forms part of a long ancient wall in the centre of Chiang Mai, surrounded by a moat.
Officials expect further damage to the wall because more cracks have been found. Persistent heavy rain is thought to have seeped through the cracks, weakening the wall's foundations.

The ancient wall dates back to 1276, during the reign of King Mang Rai.

Chiang Mai mayor Boonlert Buranapakorn said officials were preparing to restore the wall.

He also told officials to prevent further damage to other ancient structures in the city, including almost a dozen run-down pagodas. Torrential rain earlier brought down a 505-year-old pagoda in Chiang Mai municipality. Heavy rain has lashed Chiang Mai in the past few weeks. ...

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