Monday, October 30, 2006

Gay sex forces closure of store toilets

This is disgusting. Now public toilets are no longer safe places... they've become the haunt of gays on the prowl for sex in a public place. Their sexual needs must be so overpowering if they have to resort to having sex like this... how demeaning of our humanity. It sounds like the they are possessed by it rather than it being under their control.

Gay sex forces closure of store toilets - National -

The closure of customer toilets in a Myer store due to rampant homosexual activity has exposed a massive list of venues being used by members of a gay website as hook-up points.

Among the places listed as meeting spots for men "cruising for sex", on, is the Royal Australian Air Force's Richmond base and Sydney Opera House's toilets.

Management at Myer's Sydney city store in Pitt Street were forced to close its level one toilet to the public because homosexuals were using the facility as a meeting point, often having sex in full view of other horrified users.

A Myer spokesman, Mark West, confirmed he had heard that the retailer had been mentioned on, which men used to arrange meetings at the toilet, and one month ago the store's management decided to make it a staff-only facility.

The website claims to list more than 15,000 locations around Australia "where gay and bisexual guys meet for sex" and still has the Myer city store's toilet listed as a meeting place. A search of the site yielded hundreds of well-known Sydney buildings, parks and beaches.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Defence said she would look into the matter after being told about the RAAF listing, and possibly make a comment by 5pm.

A Myer staff member who spoke to said she had seen men running out of the toilet alerting employees about homosexual activity, while others had complained about being propositioned.

"I wouldn't let my friend's young son go in there, no way. I was really worried about his safety," she said. "There were men going in and out all the time. You'd see them come out, and say 'Woops, I forgot my mobile or wallet', and then go back in. I'd see men sitting on the chair near the toilet just waiting.

"It's been happening for years. I know they were making plans on a website to meet here."

A security guard in the store said the toilet had to be closed because "we had problems with people in there ... there were safety issues". Asked if the problem was due to men using the toilet as a hook-up point, he replied: "The whole city has got that problem."

Mr West said: "There has been a range of security concerns surrounding that toilet and we have closed it pending a review. There were some customer concerns about anti-social activity in there. Ideally we wouldn't have had to close it; it is a temporary measure.

"We are reviewing security, there is certainly no risk for customers."

Other prominent places used by subscribers of the website include the toilets of Westfield stores and Marrickville Metro, the library at the University of NSW, various Fitness First gyms, and Bankstown Airport's rest area.

Comment is awaited from various Fitness First gyms and Westfield stores.

Another is the Crows Nest Community Centre, which it seems is extremely popular, with 100 comments posted from the website's users regarding the site. The centre's chief executive officer, Michelle Boston, was unaware of any incidents in the listed ground floor toilets, and was appalled when told by

"This is awful," she said. "We have so many vulnerable people that come here."

Within 30 minutes of being informed, Ms Boston phoned back and said: "I have taken immediate action. All toilets are now locked. People will have to report to reception to get a key. All children who use the facility will have to be accompanied by a parent. We care about our community and do not want them put at risk."

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Thailand's new Suvarnabhumi Airport

Suvarnabhumi Airport #3 - one of the huge halls, like a zeppelin hanger
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I just had to good fortune to come through Thailand's new airport. It is truly an awesomely huge structure despite the teething troubles they've had since it's opening on Thursday. Everything is new, clean, glitzy! It is light and airy and feels very spacious...

I spent several hours up on the 4th floor where there are a lot of shops. They are all still settling in and fixing stuff that doesn't yet work properly.

The biggest lack was places to sit. If you weren't spending money at a food shop then there were no chairs to be had anywhere. I went looking for somewhere to sit and could only find the cement base around the fake palm trees down on the 2nd floor. I think there were plenty of seats in the gate areas.

Once the wrinkles are ironed out I think it might be a rather fun place to travel through.