Monday, February 25, 2008

Lake Macquarie

Lake Macquarie
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A photo taken at the foreshore at Warners Bay... a beautiful spot with nice walkways.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Gang-gang Cockatoos eating hawthorn berries

I was camped at my property in Majors Creek last week and had a fun time watching the gang-gang cockatoos eating the hawthorn berries. The trees were full of them, all cracking open the berries and eating the centre. They did this all day! I was ignored as I walked around taking photos of them. I've been told that as the berries ferment the gang-gangs get tipsy. I suspect they were beginning to experience that as I watched them. The morning I left they were screeching and it reminded me of someone with a hangover....
The one in the photo here is male. The female has a gray head with a gray tuft.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Naming the unborn...

A recent court decision in France means that parents of a stillborn or miscarried child can register their names thus recognising their humanness at whatever stage of development the child was at. This is a great move! It gives the parent the opportunity to grieve the lost life and acknowledge the pain of the loss. Pro-abortionists are not too happy with this decision as it has many implications.
French Court: Parents Can Register Names for Fetuses

PARIS, France, February 8, 2008 ( - France's supreme court has ruled that parents of miscarried or stillborn children can register a name for the child, no matter what stage of development the child was at at the time of miscarriage or birth, reports the AFP.

Previous to this most recent ruling, parents in France were allowed to register a name for miscarried or stillborn children, but only after 22 weeks gestation, or if the child weighed over 1.1 pounds.

This new ruling gives parents the right to claim the body of their child, which, until this point, was incinerated by the hospital along with other waste tissues. It also allows the mothers of miscarried or stillborn children to claim maternity leave.

According to the AFP report, the ruling is triggering a storm over the issue of abortion in France, with pro-abortion activists arguing that the ruling gives pro-life activists a strongly emotional argument for the humanity of the child, by indicating that a fetus at any stage has a right to a name. "A fetus is only viable after 26 weeks," said Chantal Birman, deputy president of a pro-abortion group called ANCIC. "You have to take the timetable of pregnancy into account."

She said that the court decision, "will help a rollback [on abortion availability] that has been taking place in Europe for the last few months."

However, there is an increasing recognition in medical circles that miscarriage or stillbirth can be an extremely traumatic experience for mothers and fathers alike, who may have developed a profound emotional connection with their unborn child. "The mourning process can be long and lonely," says the Helping After Neonatal Death (HAND) website. "After the death of a baby, it generally takes twelve to twenty-four months simply to find your new base."

Many parents have found that the process of grieving is helped significantly by the giving of a name to their child. "Giving the baby a name and having the baby baptized or blessed, if such rituals are important to us, are ways for us to acknowledge the reality of the life that has come and gone so quickly," says HAND.


Friday, February 08, 2008

Abortion survivor bombshell

A welcome move! How anyone could kill a baby born alive after an abortion is beyond me. I am glad to see that the medical profession is taking a stand. I've never been able to understand how anyone could terminate a pregnancy simply because the baby was inconvenient. That feels to me like someone else is playing "God" in the life of another.

In my capacity as a healing prayer minister, I've worked with women who've lived with the unexpectedly huge guilt of having had an abortion... it seemed so clinical to them at the time but ended up reverberating through their souls. I've also worked with several who survived abortion attempts on them. The pain of the rejection was immense for them... they felt as if they were supposed to be dead and sometimes had a death wish that dogged them in their attempts to be alive. This may not make sense to some of you out there but it happens.

We do not know when a foetus becomes a human life. My belief is that it's at conception! This probably does not sit well with some but, again, in my experience with healing prayer, I've prayed with folk who, in some deep hidden part of their spirits, have known things from the time of their conception. They knew they were conceived in violence or they knew that they were wanted or not. It is amazing what we know if we give ourselves the time and place to be still enough to listen to those deep inner places of our beings.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I share this with you in hopes that it will help some make good decisions for themselves and for the lives of their unborn children.

Italian Doctors: Abortion Survivors Must be Given Care, Even Against Mother's Wishes

Doctors from four different Roman universities have issued a joint
declaration affirming the duty of doctors to rescue and care for
infants born alive after an abortion attempt, even against the wishes
of the mother.

The declaration, made by doctors at the obstetric clinics of La
Sapienza, Tor Vergata, Campus Biomedico and Sacro Cuore, represent both
the secular and religious sides of the Italian university system. The
first two universities are public, and the second two are Catholic.

"An extremely premature newborn must be treated like any other person in danger, and assisted adequately," said Domenico Arduni, director of the Tor Vergata gynecological clinic.

Arduini added that this principle would hold even if the child had
survived an abortion, and "even if the mother is not in agreement."

The four physicians issued the statement together during a meeting at Fatebenefratelli hospital in Rome last Saturday.

According to the Spanish publication El Pais, the doctors'
declaration and the Vatican's recent campaign for a "moratorium" on
abortion in Italy (which has now become a global campaign), "has fallen
like a bomb among scientists and politicians".

Emma Bonino, the Italian Minister of European Policy, complained to
El Pais that "the political class should not allow others to set their
agenda." The Italian health minister, Livia Turco, told the
publication that protecting the life of such children was "senseless
cruelty." A prominent physician reportedly suggested that abortions be
done by poisoning the baby with potassium chloride, thus ensuring his
death before exiting the womb.

However, the ANSA news agency reports that the liberal bioethicist
Cinzia Caporale has endorsed the physicians' declaration, stating that
while she is in favor of allowing euthanasia for adults who want it,
children who leave the womb alive should be cared for, even against the
will of the parents. "I don't even consider their consent necessary if
the fetus has survived an abortion," she said.


Thursday, February 07, 2008

New jawbone thanks to adult stem cells

It's amazing what can be done now in the medical world. Here is an adult's own stem cells being used to produce a replacement jawbone! It seems as if stem cells don't need to come from embryos after all. this is really exciting and more ethically right.

Scientists in Finland have replaced a 65-year-old patient's upper jaw with a bone transplant cultivated from stem cells isolated from his own fatty tissue and grown inside his abdomen, Reuters reported.

Researchers said the breakthrough opens up new ways to treat severe tissue damage and makes the prospect of custom-made spare parts for humans a step closer to reality."The use of a patient's own stem cells to grow a new jaw is a great example of how personalized medicine is becoming a reality," said Dawn Vargo, associate bioethics analyst for Focus on the Family Action.

"Despite all the talk about using embryonic stem cells to create personalized therapies, this displays the practical and timely advantages of adult stem cells."

(Citizen Link)

Friday, February 01, 2008

More on transplant breakthroughs

CBN News has a report in their health and science section which is exciting. A dear friend of mine had a kidney transplant 18 months ago and she's had a very rugged time of it. The anti-rejection drugs have given her all sorts of nasty side effects. The transplant is doing great... it's the stuff to keep her body from rejecting her new kidney that's caused all sorts of misery for her. It would be a terrific step forward if they could rebuild a new immune system that won't need medication.
Doctors Report Transplant Breakthrough
In what's being called a major advance in organ transplants, doctors
say they have developed a technique that could free many patients from
having to take anti-rejection drugs for the rest of their lives.The
treatment involved weakening the patient's immune system, then giving
the recipient bone marrow from the person who donated the organ. In one
experiment, four of five kidney recipients were off immune-suppressing
medicines up to five years later."There's
reason to hope these patients will be off drugs for the rest of their
lives," said Dr. David Sachs of Massachusetts General Hospital in
Boston, who led the research published in Thursday's New England
Journal of Medicine. ...

Read the rest of the article: Breakthrough - Chang