Saturday, April 24, 2010

Soon to move south...

This day has been long in coming! Too much of life got in the way, at least from my perspective... Since God's perspective tends to be rather different to mine this move is right on schedule!!

My house is finished, just awaiting connection of electricity and final inspections. So the first stage of a place for spiritual retreat is almost ready. The next stage will see the building of a couple of cabins (a 2-bedroom & a 1-bedroom) and a prayer room/prayer chapel. The whole project was totally impossible. Yet here I am on the verge of moving into a house that God has made possible. I have great hope that the next impossible stage of the project will soon be coming to reality.

The place where I'm building is a little village in the southern tablelands of NSW, a place called Majors Creek. It's an old gold mining area (and it seems as if there's still lots gold in the hills that may cause considerable unwelcome development).

The vision I have for this retreat is a place for the rekindling (restoration) of hope in a person's life, a place to connect with God and spend time alone with him, a place to address whatever may be getting in the way of knowing Jesus.

Some pictures of the building process may be found at my website Hope-Today.


Patrina's Pencil said...

Fran, I loved the pictures, can you post a picture of your view from the front window? I bet it is an awesome picture.

thanks again for sharing your dream

Patrina <")>><

bhojman said...

Patrina, here's a link to a composite photo of mine on Flickr. It's looking north. It's small.

Here's another:

These were taken before any construction. Haven't taken many since my house was built... winter is ot the best time for being outside too long. ;-)