Sunday, March 26, 2006

Afghan president intervenes in case of Christian convert

Now the Afghan president has become involved. Will he be able to make a difference? Will the difference be a one-off special case, or can we expect to see an ongoing and real resolution that allows individuals to make their own choices about their faith without interference from others, especially the "authorities" and "religious leaders"?
Afghan president intervenes in case of Christian convert - World -
Sharia law, on which the Afghan constitution is partly based, rules that a Muslim who converts away from Islam should be put to death.

The case has attracted widespread international condemnation, especially from the United States which led the campaign to remove the fundamentalist Taliban regime in 2001 and is destitute Afghanistan's main donor.

The Islamist Taliban implemented a tough version of Sharia that included stoning people to death for adultery and chopping off the hands of thieves.

The matter has presented a dilemma for Afghanistan, which has agreed to international treaties on human rights but is under pressure from conservative Islamic clerics to abide by Sharia law. ...

Are the Koran and Sharia law in conflict? See my previous post concerning what the Islamic leaders in Oz are saying:
Persecution of convert 'un-Islamic'

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