Friday, April 21, 2006

Bad omen!

!! I can believe it... the heat in this part of the world has been extreme this year. As for it being a bad omen... well, if the rulers are afraid of dark forces anything can be taken as a bad omen. Sounds more like stupidity to me, stupidity requiring men in full uniform to stand for hours in the blazing heat!

Democratic Voice of Burma - Bad omen: 18 die from extreme heat after Burma’s Army Day parade
18 security personnel including soldiers died from extreme heat after the taking part in the Armed Forces Day parade at Burma’s new capital near Pyinmana in the central of the country, according to sources close to the Burmese military HQs. The majority of those who died were said to be members of fire brigades and the Navy. They died from extreme heat and exhaustion, having taken part in the rehearsals for the parade which was held on 27 March in the middle of an arid plain. The family members of the ruling junta, the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) chairman Gen Than Shwe, had to cancel their plan to celebrate the Burmese New Year at the new capital because of the deaths for fear of contracting evil influence, a soldier in charge of the security of the capital told DVB on condition of anonymity.

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