Sunday, April 16, 2006

Toronto City TV Goes Pro-Life - Unintentionally

Good post by Lost Budgie on unintentional pro-life broadcast at Toronto City TV. Thanks!

Lost Budgie Blog: Toronto City TV Goes Pro-Life - Unintentionally
On Tuesday, April 11, 2006 at 7:43am, the Toronto television station "City TV" broadcast a very pro-life video of ultrasonic imaging of a baby in the womb.

What's so special about that? Everything.

City TV is a fairly left-wing media organization that has been very pro-abortion rights in the past. Now, with the host of their "Breakfast Television" show expecting her baby and growing larger every day, we are seeing a "humanization" of the "fetus" as we have never seen before on this particular television station.

Tuesday's show featured "3D Baby Fetal Imaging" - a Toronto company that offers ultrasonic imaging in a family environment so everyone can see the little baby moving around in the womb. They will also create a DVD and/or post your baby's imaging video on the web for all your friends and family.

Inescapable in all this is the fact that the only difference between the baby on TV and another baby scheduled for abortion is that one baby is wanted and the other is not.

Public videos of a living child in the womb sucking it's thumb and grabbing it's own feet effectively end the "it's not a real child" argument. During the show, the words "baby", "dad", "mother" and other humanizing terms were readily and naturally used by all. Nobody says "fetus" when looking at their own live, moving baby in the womb.

Abortion is no longer a public argument about the "humanity" or "personhood" of an unborn baby. It is simply a debate about execution - who has the right to execute - kill - an unborn baby and under what circumstances.

The abortion industry - a multi-billion dollar worldwide business - will eventually be defeated not by blocking the clinic doors, but by videotapes of live babies in the womb - and videotapes of the reality of what happens in an abortuary, and what comes out the back door. [...]

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