Saturday, June 03, 2006

Cyclone Monica long gone but people still awaiting help

This must be so distressing for the citizens of Maningrida and Oenpelli! It seems as though the Australian govt has forgotten they are part of Australia too. I bet Cairns or Townsville wouldn't have to wait for assistance. It's rather shameful... no matter what community problems there may be.
I hope this articles produces some results, and soon.

Remains of the day - National -
Five weeks after Cyclone Monica ripped through Arnhem Land, many communities are still waiting for help. Ben Cubby reports.

IT IS the disaster most people forgot. On April 24, Cyclone Monica - a spiralling storm the size of England - swept across the coast of northern Australia, leaving a trail of wreckage through remote indigenous communities in Arnhem Land.

Five weeks later, many people are still surviving in circumstances that defy explanation by standards applied in the rest of Australia.

Some residents say living conditions in communities such as Maningrida and Oenpelli have been so bad for so long that the differences between a cyclone-devastated town and ordinary life are small. They feel the Federal Government has ignored them and no one in the wider community has noticed their plight. The towns are rebuilding themselves with little outside help.

Charlie Djordila, of the Burarra tribal group, had the roof of his house torn off on the night of April 24. He believes the devastation caused by Cyclone Larry in North Queensland a month before meant no one paid attention to the hardship at Maningrida.


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