Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Elderly continue to be lost in non-working welfare system

I find it hard to understand how things could come to such a state for this poor elderly lady. I can understand her not wanting her son to bathe her, clean her, and care for her intimate needs. In the midst of her suffering I suspect she was protecting her dignity.

It would be helpful if the home nursing service for the elderly and disabled were able to take a more personal interest in those they care for. The numbers of those found to be neglected each year is pretty horrific. Are there not enough community health care workers?

Woman close to death after home nursing discontinued - National -

AN ELDERLY woman found close to death in a putrid house she shared with her son was visited several times by health authorities, who ruled in the weeks before her rescue that she did not need home nursing.

Police found Mary Reeves, 79, of Lismore Heights, in such a shocking state that even veteran officers have described the case as horrific.

For more than a year Mrs Reeves, a cancer patient, had been mostly confined to a room in her Oakshott Street home.

She had been left to the care of her son Christopher, 39, and was visited occasionally by nurses from the North Coast Area Health Service.

Police and ambulance officers found her on March 17 lying comatose in a pool of excrement, struggling to breathe and covered in sores. They had initially been denied access to the house by Mr Reeves, but insisted on entering, a police report states.

Police have not laid any charges.



Anonymous said...

The truth is he didn't realy care about anyone eles but himself, he still collects cares payment and he dosent even look after anyone anymore, as she is in Kyogle hospital, very sad state of affairs, we all tried to help him but he refused and then abused us.

bhojman said...

Thanks for your comment, Anonymous, it helps to get something of the other side of the story. It does sound like a very sad state of affairs. Thank you for trying to help!