Friday, June 09, 2006

A must read at Freedom for Egyptians الحرية للمصريين

This is a must read! "Hitlerism on Saudi Islamic Channel: Jews are Apes and Pigs" The video she talks about has to be a reflection of the indoctrination of the children. No child as young as this could possibly know anything negative about the Jews, or anyone else for that matter. What's happening to her childhood?

It's a crazy world we are living in, and a crazy time!
Freedom for Egyptians الحرية للمصريين:

... The girl is wearing a scarf?? Is this the definition of a childhood for what they call themselves "true Muslims". This is childhood abuse and there is no difference between it and childhood pornography. She is wearing it because her parents are teaching her that males are thirsty dogs who will try to rape her at anytime. Second, she is talking about things I did not know about when I was 8 years old. Where is the innocence of the childhood? What are they are teaching her. DO not blame her when she grows up and believes that suicide bombers are her role models for an Islamic life. I feel so sorry for her childhood because other girls at her age enjoy the playgrounds, healthy mental life and fun activities. ...

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